Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kispest Week Twelve (Week 102)

lf you could have a patronus, what would it be? Mine would be a Hungarian Pulli dog. If you don't know what dog that is, look it up! I guess there was one in a Dr. Pepper commercial, the Hungarians are going crazy about it. I WANT ONE SO BAD.
The members are really starting to let the referal gates open and we are getting so many new "legit" people to teach! Many people whose spouses are faithful members and hadn't been interested in the discussions are suddenly opening up to us! Heck, we even set a bapdate with one of them last week! Setting those kind of goals with our new friends are a strange experience by all regards, mostly because...well, I won't be here anymore :( but, it'll all be ok.
Last week we did a zone training on what we learned from zone conference. We "gathered the children together" and poured our hearts into this training. I sure do love my zone. I consider them my good friends. I gave my departing testimony in front of them.
That was weird...very weird. I cried. We'll leave it at that. 

Last week was so beautiful. I know it's hard to describe a week as that, but it really was. Everything that went wrong the week before it was made up for, sometimes even doubled, with what happened last week. The power of prayer, when coupled with obedience and working hard can do miracles. This is the Lord's work, and in the words of Elder Kearon "sometimes he signs His work". For example, we set a goal for two new baptismal dates last week. We got five. Five. Most of them I won't even be here for, but that's ok. It's a strange sensation seeing the work go forward...without me. :( :) ! ?
Elder Zwingli brought up from his personal study something that I really liked. He talked about the Council in Heaven before we all came down here and started this grand adventure and we chatted a bit about those who were "Noble and Great". During our lunch break we were in the city and we sat down on a bench overlooking the river and talked about what it meant to be Noble and Great. In the end we boiled it down to those who were Noble and Great were those that endured, those who went against the crowd and followed God's plan and those who set an example for their brothers and sisters to follow.. So my "dying" challenge to myself and to you all is to be just that, "Noble and Great". Because you all are.
This week is my last week in Hungary...mixed emotions. Scared, a little nervous, and excited for what awaits me next week. But...I get to celebrate my birthday this week!! Yay! I'll be 21! Holy ancient.
Love you all...see you later! Some of you sooner than you think :)
Sok Szeretettel,
Elder Giacalone

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