Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Kispest Week Ten (Week 100)

That is insane!
So this past week was full of heart-to-hearts. Some with investigators, some with members, some with other missionaries, and even some with my dear companion. I felt like last week was all about communicating and figuring out what people wanted or needed me to do to help them. We prayed a lot last week that we would know what Heavenly Father would want us to teach His children, and we knew He helped us a lot last week.
Last week we made some chicken noodle soup and wanted to bring it over to one of our investigators with a leg problem. We knocked on her door forever and her dog was barking like crazy, but she didn't answer. Sketch. So we figured that maybe she was in the hospital again, as she wasn't answering her phone calls either. Elder Z took Elder N to the nearest hospital to see if she had checked in there, and I took Elder N (there are two lol) and a member and we kind of just wandered around the neighbour hood for a bit until the member offered a prayer for guidance. Elder N said that he felt we should go back one more time. We started knocking and ringing her doorbell. No answer. Then something weird happened, it was like someone was standing by my shoulder and said "Say her name". So I started yelling her name like some crazy lunatic. The others were like "What are you doing?"...then the door creaked open super slowly and her face creeped around the corner. Turns out that she had been in the bath and hadn't heard anything until my voice came through her bathroom window. Awkward. I still don't know how she couldn't hear the bell, but we were just happy to get a hold of her.
So that was cool. We went up to Gellert hegy this morning. It's like a mountain (I would say large hill instead but whatevs) right by the Danube river. We took lots of pictures and I just stared at the massive city that lay stretched out before me. I really, really love this city. It's like my favorite area. Heavenly Father has blessed me with so much lately. I can't believe that I only have three weeks left! That's nothing! I have no idea what to even think about. Guess I'll just keep trucking along until I kick the bucket. That's all I can do!
Love you all. Life is beautiful and Heavenly Father loves His children. The gospel is here to help us be happy in this life and so that we can return to live with Him someday. I love being a missionary, and it's sad to think that it's ending. But, I'll keep going!
Sok Szeretettel,
Elder Giacalone

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