Monday, March 16, 2015

Kispest Week Eleven (Week 101)

As much as I love Hungary, I am not going to miss it when people yell at me for not wearing a jacket. Like, swearing and calling me an idiot. Seriously, why do you even care?? Haha.
We had Elder Patrick Kearon of the Seventy come and visit our mission last week! Oh my gosh guys, it was AWESOME. So spiritual and everyone was touched. He is such a charasmatic British man! He said "Fantastic!" like fifty times! WOO. He used a scripture from...somewhere in the Bible...about how sometimes we need to ask Christ "What Lack I Yet?". It was very powerful and made you want to just look into your soul and want to do better. After the meeting, the zone leaders met with him for a special MLC, and it honestly answered some questions that I had been having recently, not just about helping my zone but also about...the "after-life"...
People always tell us as missionaries that we're weird. Whether we are knocking on doors, teaching English class or stopping people on the street. In one of our programs last week an investigator said this after being taught the Plan of Salvation: "I really, really like this...but it sure is weird. You guys are weird, too!" We really are a strange people, and I think that missionary work can seem strange to people as well. But it's the BEST, most WONDERFUL work in the world. The Gospel can come off as strange, with it's many "do's" and "don'ts", but we know that it brings so much happiness into our lives.
Even Elder Kearon said this just last week: "We're strange, we're peculiar...and I don't think you know just how wonderfully strange you are."
I know with all my heart that this Gospel is true. I love being weird :) I'm sad that I only have two more weeks of full-time service as a missionary. I'm excited to go home, but also nervous, and tinged with a bit of fear of the unknown, but I've still got time left! weird! You've all got it in you :) and smile! It's a wonderful time to be alive.
OMG I almost forgot...we had to shovel COW POOP last week on a farm in the boondocks! Second time on my mission, folks!! 

Sok Szeretettel,
Elder Giacalone

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