Saturday, March 7, 2015

Kispest Week Eight (Week 98)

This week has been a really, really cool week. Like, serious amazingness is going down in Kispest.
We met with an investigator last week on splits and taught her  the Word of Wisdom. She went into the program having already heard about it from members and said that "without my green tea in the morning, I cannot function". And then pretty much said "convince me about it". Then, out of the blue a member walks into the room (this is in the branch house, forgot to mention that LOL) and says he wants to bear testimony of the Word of Wisdom. Then they just had a massive question and answer exchange for like five straight minutes. They kept looking at me, as if waiting for me to stop them, but I let them keep going. Then the member left because his infant daughter...well, messed herself. So he ran out of the room. The investigator just looked at us in silence. Elder B and I bore testimony to her of God keeping His promises contained in the Word of Wisdom, and of keeping promises in general. She looked up and said "I'll stop drinking green tea." MUSIC TO A MISSIONARY'S EARS EVERYBODY.
Another cool thing! Almost a year ago, I was serving in the city of Szeged in the south. I loved Szeged. I still love, and miss very much, Szeged. It seems that some of my investigators from the past are being re-contacted by the elders there and are meeting and progressing again! SO HAPPY.
We had a moment last week tracting where I knocked on a door in a ghetto 10 story building and a lady answered the door with her husband like hovering over her shoulder. I had just gotten out that "Hello! My friend and I are from America, and we are-" when she literally yelled "BYE!" and slammed, literallyslammed the door shut. Then we heard her telling her husband how pathetic I looked, how horrible my accent was, and how weird I was dressed. Talk about slam to my esteem. Elder Zwingli just kind of rubbed my back and said let's go to the next floor. So we go down a floor. I'm still incredibly mad at this lady, I mean who does she think she is? I was just done with that day. We had a program that we needed to leave for in a few minutes, and I wanted to leave. Then I thought that I'll do one more door. Sure enough, it was one of those awesome families that let us in and wanted us to come back.
What do we learn from these moments? I shared this story in a district meeting in northern Pest while on splits with the elders there. I said how we go through times like this when we are just done with everything and want our day over with. And it's right then, right when we are done, that there is someone just waiting for us to talk to. In real life, I mean not "missionary" life, sometimes God has things planned for us right when we are ready to give up and quit. But in all reality, there's something (or someone) right around the corner, or just down a flight or stairs, ready to hear you or what you have to say.
So keep an eye peeled :)
Lots of love and Sok Szeretettel,
Elder Giacalone

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